Friday, November 21, 2008

Sale Day

All summer we have been backgrounding our calves that were born Fall '07. I've been wanting to sell them for a long time, but something always comes up. One gets pinkeye or the markets are down or we don't have time to get the trailer and sort them, etc., etc. So, today was the day that we said we would definitely sell our calves by and we did it. I'm so glad that we have such nice neighbors that let us borrow their trailer to haul them to the sale barn. We sold them in Edina which is only about 7 miles away. The owner of the sale barn is a customer of Luke's, so we had to play politics a little and make sure we sold them there.

Luke stopped by this afternoon and picked up our check, which was really nice to see! Now we can make our first farm payment!

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