Thursday, August 30, 2012

July-in Summary

I am WAY behind on the blog I decided to just do one post to kind of summarize our month of July. It was a crazy busy month of traveling, but we had lots of fun times! Here are some photos:

It started out with a trip to Carrollton to celebrate the 4th of July. Luke's cousins have a pool at their house & had a "pool party" (as Molly would say) on the 4th. Let me tell you-it was kid craziness in the pool! There were SO many kids there and the pool was full, but it was SO much fun! Molly loved the slide and must of gone down it 100 times.

Matt, Emily, Scarlett, Molly & I at the pool party.
Shortly after this, we headed to Yellowstone Park via Nebraska for Luke's company meeting & trip. While Luke was in meetings all day, Molly & I discovered the Lincoln Children's Zoo and enjoyed the day there. They had lots of animals, a playground, lots of kids and a park, so it was ideal for Molly.

I didn't even show her how to do this. Somehow she just knew you were supposed to put your head through to get your picture taken.

After that, it was off to Big Sky, Montana for the company vacation. The first day we were there, we took a bus tour through Yellowstone Park. I hadn't been there for years, and really enjoyed it.

Checking out the hot pots and geysers.

 We also went on a hayride/cookout up at Big Sky with Cedar Creek Corrals. It turned out being a bit more western than we were expecting, but we all survived.

The cookout location. So pretty!
On the way back to Missouri, we made a quick stop in Billings to visit some of my best friends & then stayed in Rapid City, SD for the night. We were home the next night. After the almost 3,000 mile roadtrip, we were so thankful to be home! We did make one more trip to Carrollton in the month of July, but tried to stay home as much as possible.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Berry Family Reunion-Branson

The end of June we went to the annual Berry Family Reunion in Branson and had a good time as usual.
Debbie, Mom, Grandma Thelma, Molly, Luke & I (representing Thelma's side of the family).

Mom, Luke & I saw Merle Haggard in concert and let's just say the Hag's still got it!

The Hag

Molly really enjoyed the fish hatchery and loved watching the giant trout swim by.
Luke took it upon himself (with a little peer pressure) to try the extreme zip-lining from the Shepard of the Hill's Tower. Crazy. He said he enjoyed it though. Molly & I watched from below & she kept saying "Daddy swing!".
Just leaving the tower. Luke is on the far right accompanied by his relatives, Gary, Shelly & Caitlin.
We also did a lot of swimming, visiting, shopping, eating & well, eating (it was the Berry Reunion).