Friday, August 3, 2012

Berry Family Reunion-Branson

The end of June we went to the annual Berry Family Reunion in Branson and had a good time as usual.
Debbie, Mom, Grandma Thelma, Molly, Luke & I (representing Thelma's side of the family).

Mom, Luke & I saw Merle Haggard in concert and let's just say the Hag's still got it!

The Hag

Molly really enjoyed the fish hatchery and loved watching the giant trout swim by.
Luke took it upon himself (with a little peer pressure) to try the extreme zip-lining from the Shepard of the Hill's Tower. Crazy. He said he enjoyed it though. Molly & I watched from below & she kept saying "Daddy swing!".
Just leaving the tower. Luke is on the far right accompanied by his relatives, Gary, Shelly & Caitlin.
We also did a lot of swimming, visiting, shopping, eating & well, eating (it was the Berry Reunion).

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