Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Molly & I took a "Mommy & Me" swim class the last couple weeks and had SO much fun. It was twice a week for three weeks and we are already missing it now that class is over. Molly is quite the little fish and is not afraid of the water in the slightest. This fearlessness sort of worries me. She learned to kick her legs and swim with her arms, jump into the pool (from sitting on the edge), go underwater, float on her back & hang on to the edge of the pool.

Molly really enjoys the water and I'm sure we will have to take swimming lessons again next year!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Molly's Very First Birthday!!

So, I'm just going to state the obvious and admit that I'm WAY behind on the blogging. Sorry! The last month has just gone by so fast--lots of parties, visitors, a computer virus, a baby virus, vacation, storm, power outage, etc. Anyhow...I decided to start off with a post about Molly's first birthday party and how much fun it was!

On Memorial Day we celebrated Molly's birthday (one day early) with a fish fry and "fish" themed birthday. Lots of family members and friends were able to come and share the day with us--my Dad was even able to come all the way from Montana--yay!

Here are some pictures to sum up the day:

Family Photo

The Fish Cake

All "caked" out!

Opening presents with Daddy's help

Showing off her new toys to her buddies.