Sunday, May 26, 2013


I feel so lucky to have this little family :) No matter how much whining and crying we have been through, it always seems like everything is better when Luke comes home. I'm so thankful for these 3!

Visitors From Montana

Grandma Leila came and stayed with us the first month of Wesley's life. This was our attempt at a photo of her and her grandkids...
Despite the picture, Wes was a real happy baby for the first 6 weeks of his life.

Uncle Matt got a full dose of life with little kids while he was here. Pretty sure that was some good birth control for him; Molly & Wes should not be expecting any little Pugh cousins anytime soon. Our attempt at a group photo...this was the best one-ha!

 Molly was SO excited to show Uncle Matt her new fishing pole and how to use it. She got kind of disappointed when he caught a fish and she didn't. Keep practicing Molly, he's got a few years on you!


You might be surprised, but Uncle Matt is really good at calming down a crying little Wes. He did a great job with his new nephew and helped me out SO much!!


Family of 4

Oh how life has changed since my last post in January. Things have been a bit hectic and the blog has definitely taken a backseat, but I will try to catch up with it. I suppose everyone knows by now that Wesley Stephen Miller was welcomed into our family of February 25, 2013. My doctor had been telling me for almost 3 weeks that he could be born any day and that my body couldn't be more ready...just waiting on a signal from the baby. Well, the signal didn't come fast enough and with a giant blizzard headed our way, I was induced. It was so much easier than natural labor with Molly. However, when it came time to push it was the worst pain I could ever have imagined. Pretty sure 8 lbs 6 oz is the biggest baby I can have, and that's what he was. Now our little Wes is 3 months old and over 15 lbs. Here's a timeline in photos to show you how he has grown.


1 Month Old

Sporting his Bobcat "muscle man" shirt- 2 Months Old

3 Months Old - already almost time for a hair cut!