Sunday, May 26, 2013

Visitors From Montana

Grandma Leila came and stayed with us the first month of Wesley's life. This was our attempt at a photo of her and her grandkids...
Despite the picture, Wes was a real happy baby for the first 6 weeks of his life.

Uncle Matt got a full dose of life with little kids while he was here. Pretty sure that was some good birth control for him; Molly & Wes should not be expecting any little Pugh cousins anytime soon. Our attempt at a group photo...this was the best one-ha!

 Molly was SO excited to show Uncle Matt her new fishing pole and how to use it. She got kind of disappointed when he caught a fish and she didn't. Keep practicing Molly, he's got a few years on you!


You might be surprised, but Uncle Matt is really good at calming down a crying little Wes. He did a great job with his new nephew and helped me out SO much!!


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