Sunday, May 26, 2013

Family of 4

Oh how life has changed since my last post in January. Things have been a bit hectic and the blog has definitely taken a backseat, but I will try to catch up with it. I suppose everyone knows by now that Wesley Stephen Miller was welcomed into our family of February 25, 2013. My doctor had been telling me for almost 3 weeks that he could be born any day and that my body couldn't be more ready...just waiting on a signal from the baby. Well, the signal didn't come fast enough and with a giant blizzard headed our way, I was induced. It was so much easier than natural labor with Molly. However, when it came time to push it was the worst pain I could ever have imagined. Pretty sure 8 lbs 6 oz is the biggest baby I can have, and that's what he was. Now our little Wes is 3 months old and over 15 lbs. Here's a timeline in photos to show you how he has grown.


1 Month Old

Sporting his Bobcat "muscle man" shirt- 2 Months Old

3 Months Old - already almost time for a hair cut!

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