Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Story Time

Molly & I have been attending story time at the local library for a few months now. It's just for 2 year olds and they start with a song and dance, read stories and then finish with a craft project. Her most recent creation was an advent wreath. She glued 24 leaves on a wreath and then I numbered them 1-24 for her. The purpose of it being you could take one leaf off every day until you get to Christmas. Molly decided she was not taking apart her wreath though, so it's just for decoration.

Monday, December 17, 2012


A few weeks ago, Santa came to visit Edina. Molly had been practicing what she was going to ask him for:  "new toys, new books, presents and candy!" As we were waiting in line for our turn to visit Santa, we were totally trying to psyche her up and she kept saying what she wanted over and over. Then the moment came and it was her turn to talk with Santa...

She was not so sure she wanted to walk any closer.
Thinking maybe this is close enough and we can just turn around. The candy cane isn't worth it.
Don't you leave me Daddy! This is as close as I'm getting to this scary guy!

At least she didn't cry. One step better than last year. Maybe next year she will actually sit on Santa's lap and voice her requests.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Then & Now

I just hit the 28 week mark! Getting closer & closer! I thought it would be fun to compare Molly's pregnancy with Baby Brother's pregnancy, so here is the then & now shots.

Baby Brother-just under 28 weeks
Molly-28 weeks
It's kind of hard to tell too much of a difference, but I think this baby might be a little bit lower. I've felt much better this time around though and I'm still about 5 lbs. lighter than I was at this point last time.


What's better than a new car seat? The box, of course! We finally bought a second car seat for Molly so we wouldn't have to keep switching her seat between the Tahoe & the pickup. What a relief! This was a task that was getting increasingly harder for me to do with my big belly. Also, Britax car seats are wonderful, safe, etc. but a HUGE pain to switch between cars. The new car seat is a much cheaper version but still has to pass all the same safety standards and is much more compact & easier to maneuver. Just what we needed.

My new house!

It has been fun for Molly to have a new seat, but it's been really fun for her to have a new playhouse! All I did was cut a door and two windows and she has just loved it. It's true what they say-kids really do like the box just as much as the toy (or seat)!

No boys allowed!