Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dresser Redo

 I found this dresser at a yard sale earlier this fall & bought it for $20. It's solid wood & the drawers slide well, it just needed a facelift.

I roughed it up with a little sandpaper and took off the hardware. Then I used some Colonial Red glossy paint to give it a new brighter look. It took 2 coats. After this, I distressed it with some light sanding mostly on the edges. Next, I used a dark walnut stain and an old dried out paint brush to give it the antique look. You just paint on a coat, let it dry a few minutes and then wipe it off. It leaves some darker spots in the corners & edges and darkens the whole dresser slightly. This took 2 coats also. I found some neat spray paint called "Hammered" which gives a hammered metal look to whatever you spray it on. I used this on the hardware. The paint was $7 and spray paint was $6. I had the stain, brushes and sandpaper already, so for about $33 Wessie has this cute "new" dresser for his room!

Don't you enjoy the model in these photos? She was a big helper with this project--good thing I wasn't going for a really precise finish because my helper is better at brushing paint the wrong way and dripping it everywhere! You just can't complain about help though!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And He's Off

As of November 2nd, we have a crawler. Nothing in the house is safe anymore!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


We had a little bonfire/weanie roast the other night. It was such nice fall weather & since we hadn't gotten to go camping all summer, we decided to at least have a campfire. It started out great. We roasted hot dogs & Wes was sitting on his blanket. Then...he spit up and we discovered he had apparently eaten a substantial amount of grass. Whoops! He was really upset after that & I ended up taking him to the house & putting him to bed while Molly & Luke finished up with the marshmallows. He was fine the next day, so I guess it didn't hurt him--he's just learning.
Luke whittling some roasting sticks with all his helpers.
Helping Molly with her hot dog. She thought it was too hot to get that close.