Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just an Update

So, February hasn't really been the best month for me, as far as keeping up with my blog. It has been a very busy month for work with lots of tradeshows and traveling. It seems like when we are home, all we have time to do is prepare for the next time we're leaving. So, there hasn't really been that much to write about.

Here's a rundown of whats been going on. Last Friday we took the plunge and got Dish Network. It's been a whole new world for us ever since. I had forgotten how clear the TV can be and we don't have to get up and adjust the antenna every time we change the channel. It's wonderful.

Sunday we went to Carrollton to stay with Luke's family before our tradeshow in Concordia, Monday morning. We hadn't been there since Christmas, so it was nice to catch up. Brandon & Alesa Ann stopped by Sunday night and we got to meet their new little girl, Michaela. Monday we spent the day in Concordia then got home Monday night. Tuesday afternoon we packed up and headed to Lebanon for another tradeshow on Wednesday. Wednesday night we got home around 10:00 after stopping in Columbia and having dinner at Jazz. It was really good!! We definitely miss that place--and Luke couldn't eat meat (Ash Wednesday) so it was a good choice for him.

Well, that about catches everyone up to date!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have now been 26 for a full week. I had a great birthday with lots of calls, cards & gifts! Luke & I spent the cold, rainy day at the Iowa Beef Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. It wasn't that exciting, but we got to spend the day together.

I wasn't really that excited about turning 26, it just seems so old! But, we were at a conference this past weekend and I was the only one in the group that got carded at the that made me feel a little better. It's funny how we used to always hope that we wouldn't get carded and now, it seems to be the opposite response!

Like I said, we spent the weekend at a conference (the Missouri Young Farmer's & Rancher's) in Osage Beach. It was fun, but not really a blast. I think it was really good exposure for our company even though I spilled my entire pop on the table with all our brochures about 5 minutes after I finished getting them all out. Ooops. Luke & I each won a door prize: he got a mixing bowl and dish towel set and I got a bag of charcoal (we soon traded). Valentine's Day was spent at the conference, which was fine, but not too romantic I guess. My husband is romantic though...he got me a pearl necklace!! It's gorgeous and makes me feel so sophisticated. Luke is always full of suprises!

This is the only picture I took all weekend:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Could Of Been Worse

Monday nights I have a routine. I try to do chores a little early, start dinner, run on the elliptical, shower and then eat dinner just before 7:00 when the Bachelor comes on. It's like the one show that I look forward to all week.

Last night things were going as planned, I was thawing some chicken for dinner and getting ready to work out, when there was a knock at the door. It was a neighbor from a few miles down the road who said there were 3 random horses in his yard and was wondering if they were ours. Well...we do have 3 horses and they fit the description, but surely they were in OUR pasture, right??

WRONG! The gate was open and they were nowhere to be seen. We gathered some halters and feed in the pickup and took off down the road. Sure enough...there were our horses in his yard, just hanging out...several MILES from where they were supposed to be!!

The thing you have to understand is that we possibly have the 3 hardest to catch horses EVER! So, it was a complete miracle when we were able to catch all 3 of them on the first try. I think they were exhausted from their exploration of rural Hurdland. It was also a miracle that Luke was actually home ('cause I dont know what I would of done by myself)! So, Luke sat on the tailgate and I drove, leading them home in the dark. It truly was a miracle that we were able to get them all the way home with hardly any trouble. It made me hate them not quite so much.

I was also pissed because this meant I was missing my show. But, Obama saved me with his address to the nation, pushing the Bachelor an hour back. Thanks Obama, I'm beginning to like you more and more!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Signs of Spring

Our first Spring calf was born on Sunday morning. He's a big strong bull calf out of one of our heifers that we AI'ed to Yield Grade. As we were leaving to go to church we noticed that she had started calving and thought we would let her be until after church. After church, she hadn't made much progress so we went to the house & changed clothes thinking we may have to help. Just as we drove up, she had him and went right to cleaning him up. It must mean Spring is on its way! (I hope at least!)
Saturday we had a booth at the NEMO Ag Show all day, so Sunday was all we really had of the weekend. Luke spent the afternoon working on his tractor and cleaning out the barn (where we are going to put the chute/alley set-up). It was a really still day so I started to burn off the roadside ditches that got so over-grown last summer. It was quite the fire so I'm sure glad the wind didn't pick up!! The kittens continue to grow and become more and more active. I think they followed Mama Kitty down to the old creepy house across the road from us the other day. I couldn't find them so I walked down the road and called for them and thats where they came from. She had already came back to the house without, I guess she just left them there?? I'm not sure she really gives a hoot about them anymore!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

All My Entertainment

Working at home and all, I don't really have much, here's some more about the kittens. They are very good at being crazy!! Good thing their claws are not big enough to go through my jeans, but if you're wearing sweats, watch out!

A day in the life.
Pinky fell asleep in my Muck boot--so cute!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Regal Eagle

Here are some eagle pictures we took in Keokuk, Iowa a couple weeks ago. In Keokuk they have a dam across the Mississippi River which keeps the water from freezing on one side. You would not believe how many bald eagles there are that come to Keokuk for the winter so they can fish. I didn't even know there were that many eagles in the country, but apparently there are! We got really close to a couple of them that kept landing in a tree on the bank.