Monday, February 9, 2009

Signs of Spring

Our first Spring calf was born on Sunday morning. He's a big strong bull calf out of one of our heifers that we AI'ed to Yield Grade. As we were leaving to go to church we noticed that she had started calving and thought we would let her be until after church. After church, she hadn't made much progress so we went to the house & changed clothes thinking we may have to help. Just as we drove up, she had him and went right to cleaning him up. It must mean Spring is on its way! (I hope at least!)
Saturday we had a booth at the NEMO Ag Show all day, so Sunday was all we really had of the weekend. Luke spent the afternoon working on his tractor and cleaning out the barn (where we are going to put the chute/alley set-up). It was a really still day so I started to burn off the roadside ditches that got so over-grown last summer. It was quite the fire so I'm sure glad the wind didn't pick up!! The kittens continue to grow and become more and more active. I think they followed Mama Kitty down to the old creepy house across the road from us the other day. I couldn't find them so I walked down the road and called for them and thats where they came from. She had already came back to the house without, I guess she just left them there?? I'm not sure she really gives a hoot about them anymore!

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