Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just an Update

So, February hasn't really been the best month for me, as far as keeping up with my blog. It has been a very busy month for work with lots of tradeshows and traveling. It seems like when we are home, all we have time to do is prepare for the next time we're leaving. So, there hasn't really been that much to write about.

Here's a rundown of whats been going on. Last Friday we took the plunge and got Dish Network. It's been a whole new world for us ever since. I had forgotten how clear the TV can be and we don't have to get up and adjust the antenna every time we change the channel. It's wonderful.

Sunday we went to Carrollton to stay with Luke's family before our tradeshow in Concordia, Monday morning. We hadn't been there since Christmas, so it was nice to catch up. Brandon & Alesa Ann stopped by Sunday night and we got to meet their new little girl, Michaela. Monday we spent the day in Concordia then got home Monday night. Tuesday afternoon we packed up and headed to Lebanon for another tradeshow on Wednesday. Wednesday night we got home around 10:00 after stopping in Columbia and having dinner at Jazz. It was really good!! We definitely miss that place--and Luke couldn't eat meat (Ash Wednesday) so it was a good choice for him.

Well, that about catches everyone up to date!

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