Saturday, December 15, 2012


What's better than a new car seat? The box, of course! We finally bought a second car seat for Molly so we wouldn't have to keep switching her seat between the Tahoe & the pickup. What a relief! This was a task that was getting increasingly harder for me to do with my big belly. Also, Britax car seats are wonderful, safe, etc. but a HUGE pain to switch between cars. The new car seat is a much cheaper version but still has to pass all the same safety standards and is much more compact & easier to maneuver. Just what we needed.

My new house!

It has been fun for Molly to have a new seat, but it's been really fun for her to have a new playhouse! All I did was cut a door and two windows and she has just loved it. It's true what they say-kids really do like the box just as much as the toy (or seat)!

No boys allowed!

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