Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Customer

I first got my chicks in May. They were so tiny and fragile. Can you see the little girl there?

Now they're all grown up!

And laying eggs like crazy! They first started laying eggs in early October and haven't slowed down since. I have 11 chickens and get between 7-9 eggs per day. With only the two of us here, the eggs are adding up quick.

I've been trying to sell these farm-raised, free range, brown chicken eggs and started advertising last week for $1.50 a dozen. I was really disappointed that I didn't have any calls, but then, yesterday I got my first customer! She works at an office in Kirksville and is also going to see if anyone else at her office wants to buy them too. If anyone out there needs eggs, I am trying to get rid of them ASAP as my supply continues to grow! And...they're much better than store bought eggs!!


Cathy said...

Congratulations! They'll slow down laying when it gets really cold. But, it sounds like they're doing really well so far. This is random, but what kind of camera do you use?

Jamie said...

I have a Casio Exilim 5.0 megapixel. I think it works great for a "point and shoot" type camera. It's really small too so it's handy to carry around. Are you looking for a new camera. I would like to upgrade, but they are so expensive!

McKenzie said...

I would love to buy some eggs . . . I wish you guys were just a little closer to Palmyra. I'll let you know if Ken is going to be in your area - maybe he could pick some up for me!

Jamie said...

That would be great, just let me know!