Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Laundry Day

Today is laundry day. A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to wash my sleeping bag and the simple task turned into a catastrophie. Apparently the sleeping bag didn't absorb enough water so the water overflowed out the top of the washer and the washer made a horrible sound, not to mention a horrible mess with the water everywhere. Since then, the washer has gotten increasingly worse about not draining. Finally, when it got to the point where it wasn't rinsing or draining, enough was enough and we went washer shopping.

We picked out a washer and brought it home last Wednesday. We tried our best to level it and then started it to see how it would work. Well...it was shaking so bad that it pulled so far away from the wall the drain hose pulled out and once again, there was water everywhere. Plus, it scraped a hole in our linoleum floor! We tried everything to get it to work and couldn't make any progess. So, we had to wait until today when a Maytag man could come and fix it (our brand new washer) so that we could finally use it. The good news is it's fixed and will be running non-stop for several days!

We have never had so much laundry piled up! Luke had so many dirty plaid shirts that they alone took up an entire (supersize) load.

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