Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Frost

Yesterday morning we had our first frost of the year. It was a very pretty morning and the wind had finally died down. Luke & I went out to check the cows & to make sure all the waterers were open. We started feeding hay this weekend and the cows were pretty happy to see it. Here are some pictures I took that morning.

Ice on the water trough:

Kelly Jo has been wearing either an orange or red bandana when she is outside so that no hunters can mistake her for a coyote.

Here are some of our cows (plus one). That's right, we have a stray. We think she belongs to the neighbors, but nobody seems to be claiming her. Maybe she will become ours after all!

Luke tried to catch his two horses. We wanted to move them out of the pasture they are in because they are pretty much out of grass. However, they must not want to leave because this was the second attempt at catching them and Luke still had no luck. They don't know what's good for them!!

Today it is really rainy and muddy here, so the frost looks pretty good compared!

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