Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Weekend

I was going to put up some pictures today, but for some reason they wont load...

We had a nice, quiet weekend at home. Saturday we had lots of stuff to do with the cattle and spent most the afternoon sorting, weaning, castrating, and preg checking. We had two open heifers (from the Spring calving herd) so they got sorted in with the yearlings that we are going to sell. We kept 4 of the yearlings as replacement heifers so they got sorted in with the cows. Then, all the cows got moved into a new pasture and fed some hay. Kelly helped alot and everything worked pretty good.

Saturday evening the James' came over for dinner and cards. It was a fun night and good to see them.

Sunday we were extremely lazy. We didn't leave the house, except to go outside and do chores, and Luke left to bow hunt across the road. I guess that is what weekends are for though. Pretty much every weekend from here on out is planned until it was nice to have a quiet weekend!

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