Friday, March 20, 2009

This Time Next Week

One week from now I will not be thinking about feed in the slightest. I will be waking up in a hotel room in Miami, Florida! That's right. Next Thursday afternoon I will be driving to St. Louis to fly to Miami, where I will meet Lynmarie (who is flying to Miami from Kalispell). We will have most of the day Friday to hang out in Miami before we get on the cruise ship that night. Our cruise leaves Friday evening and we will wake up Saturday morning in the Bahamas! I am really excited and have already started packing.

This is a continuation from the girls trip that we took this time last year to Nashville. However, Mandy & Mariah weren't able to go this year due to Mariah's wedding and Mandy's baby. We will really miss them and wish they were going too!

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