Monday, March 23, 2009

Snake Adventure

Yesterday Kelly & I went for a walk out to one of the ponds. We were walking on the backside of the bank where some of the water drains out and I saw a BIG snake in the water. Since I am from an area where snakes are not dangerous I have had to adjust to being more afraid of snakes since moving to MO. I've been warned numerous times about copperheads and how they hang out around ponds and how dangerous they are. So, I didn't know what kind of snake it was but I knew it was big and that I didn't want myself or Kelly to get any closer.

We went back up to the house and got Luke and Luke got his gun and off we went to see if the snake was still there. It wasn't. We walked along where the water drains and couldn't see anything. We decided to walk back up the pond bank and there he was! Luke almost stepped on it before it turned around showing its fangs. Luke shot it several times but his 22 didn't do the trick. He was out of bullets and the snake was only pissed off.

I got the job of keeping an eye on the snake while Luke went back up to the house. I could see it breathing really hard and then nothing. I tried throwing a couple things at it and it didn't move. I thought it was dead. Then all of a sudden it raised it's head with it's fangs out and started swinging around. Then it slithered down the hill. It was definitely NOT dead! Fortunately, Luke showed back up with a bigger gun and blasted it before it could get away. Turns out it was a copperhead and that is not something that we want to have around our pond (especially that big of one). So, Kelly & I are safe again to walk around the pond--but we'll have to keep a very watchful eye out! Good thing we have Luke to keep us safe!

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