Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 Crazy Stories

Story 1:
Last Saturday night/Sunday morning we had a really bad thunderstorm come through Hurdland. It poured rain and the wind blew harder than I have ever seen! There's claims that there was a tornado just a little ways from here, but the National Weather Service never confirmed it.

Anyhow, I woke up to the wind pounding hail at our bedroom window on Sunday morning. We had no power and soon noticed the power lines were down in the yard. The power company came out, looked around, and then asked us where we usually keep our trampoline. Well, it's usually in the backyard, but it was nowhere to been seen.

The wind had picked up the trampoline and flew it into the power pole that has lines going to the 2 barns, machine shed, garage & house--ripping them down. Then it hit the fence-bending the steel posts over a little. Then it hit one the trees in the pasture, breaking branches and then landing in a pile below the tree.
Power lines across the front of the chicken coop:
The power company guy climbed right up the pole and got to work:

Apparently this happens more frequently then you would expect--since the power company man was not suprised at all. Needless to say--no more jumping on the trampoline for us!
The trampoline's final resting spot:

Story 2:
Last night I put dinner in the oven and then watched America's Funniest Home Videos with Luke. The timer went off so I went into the kitchen to set dinner out. Luke was laughing really hard and paused our DVR so I could see the "funny winter sports" clips. We got our food and returned to watching the videos and next thing I know--I saw myself!! No kidding!!

There was a clip of 4 kids on a sled with a lady on the back and they went down the hill, hit a bump and the lady falls off the back, then hit a pole at the bottom of the hill and the kid in the front smacks her head on it and the kid in the back gets flung through the air over everyone else and lands in the snow. I'm sure that the kids are the Plymptons, Benkes and me and Glenda is on the back. I am so sure that we are sledding at the hill that goes to the Benke's lake house--I feel like I have seen this video before! We watched it several times on the DVR and have it recorded now--but I couldn't find anywhere online where it is posted. It's on the 300th episode special--Part 1, in case anyone saw it last night.

The mystery is--we don't know who sent in the video. My Dad claims he doesn't know anything about don't know what to think!

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