Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Hot Chili Peppers

It's Luke & my rookie year gardening, but we grew one heck of a chili pepper plant! Due to the late frost we had, only one plant survived. This maybe was a good thing though because all these peppers came from this one plant (and its still full of green ones!).

Does anyone have any ideas what to use them for? Luke wants to use them for chili this winter but we're not sure how to store them. I have a food dehydrator, should I dry them? Any advice would be great. Thanks!


LM Dogg said...

Maybe you could make some salsa with those chilis? Check out I got a good recipe for canning my beets there.

My mom grows green chilis, lots and lots and lots of them, roasts them and makes green chili sauce that she freezes and they use all winter in omelets, chicken enchiladas, etc.

My grandfather used to just dry them in a basket in his kitchen, then chop them up and use them in recipes like chili, so maybe's Luke's got the right idea.

Good first harvest!!

Jamie said...

Thanks! I will check that out. Mariah also suggested salsa, so I may have to try that. I dried the first batch of them in our dehydrator but there are several more now on the plant.