Thursday, August 14, 2008

The NEMO Dog

One of the first things that I did when I started my job at the feedmill was make promotional posters to hang in our store & in our dealerships. Since I work from home and generally get bored when working on the computer all day, I enjoy taking breaks to walk around outside and take pictures. These pictures generally become the images I use for all of our mailers, posters, signs, etc. With the help of photoshop, one picture that I took last fall became Kelly's modeling debut. This is how I knew:

We had some neighbors over the other day and the one guy commented that Kelly "sure looked like the NEMO dog".

"The NEMO dog?" I asked.

"Yeah, you know the dog that is on the poster in the feedmill."

That is because she IS the NEMO dog! Yes, Kelly has become famous. We're still waiting for that to somehow generate some income though....

Here's the poster:


Cathy said...

That is awesome! I always knew Kelly would be famous. Just don't let it go to her head! ha ha!

Cathy said...

Do you have any of these NEMO dog posters left? Chad and I want one if you do. We'll pay you for it.

Jamie said...

Are you serious? Of course we would have an extra if you would like one. I could also email you one and you could have it printed. I think they're only like $1.50 each so its not a big deal. Kelly would be very proud to be on a poster in Florida!