Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday's Storm

Yesterday was REALLY humid all day! We went to a farm auction and bought some electric fence posts (you just cant have too many) and Luke talked with customers. That afternoon when we got home you could hear the thunder but nothing was happening. We hurried up and did chores (fed the calves, Tryan, put the chickens in, moved the cars inside) and just as we finished and made it inside the wind picked up and it started to storm. The storm probably lasted only 30 mins but we got almost 2" of rain and winds were said to be almost 70 mph. My poor peach tree was completely bent over, random stuff had blown everywhere and we lost power. Luckily we had two oil lamps from Kyle & Erica's wedding and one that Luke's mom had given us, so we lit those and played monopoly all evening. I called the power company and told them where we lived and he told me "it could be awhile". Apparently the whole area was out of power. Without the AC working, we slept with the windows open (plus the oil lamps were giving off some fumes that were making us feel a little weird) and could hear the crews working all night long. Finally, at about 7 AM all the lights flashed on and the power was back. I checked the freezor & fridge and I think all the food is okay. When we left the house this morning there were backhoes, dumptrucks and lots of workers trying to get the roads cleared out. There were several trees over the road and huge branches everywhere.

What a mess. After losing it for 13 hours, it was obvious we take power for granted; I'm so happy to have it back :)

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