Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Shower Weekend

Two weeks ago (wow, already!) my sister-in-law, Amanda & future sister-in-law, Emily, hosted a baby shower for Luke & I at Luke's parent's house. They had intended on having it outside but the weather didn't cooperate and everyone was stuck inside. I hope that Steve & Debbie's house wasn't too destroyed because it was really packed & there were lots of little kids there!!

It was such a nice shower though & we are so much more prepared for Baby Miller now. It's so nice to know that so many people care about our little baby. Emily made sure to make the guys feel included by having a baby bottle beer chugging contest which was pretty entertaining. Luke's cousin Kacey ended up beating all the guys anyhow! I didn't get many pictures--my camera takes terrible pictures indoors, but here are a few:

Opening presents: I wasn't feeling the best and had some pretty swollen feet--Luke was a big help!

Baby Miller's first cowboy boots! Can you believe these were Luke's at one time?

The results of the onesie decorating contest--pretty darn cute:
We also got to meet Baby Emma that weekend! Emma is my sister-in-law Amanda's baby who was born last August. She lives in Florida & with me starting a new job and being pregnant we weren't able to travel to see her. They made the trip to Missouri though, so we finally got to meet the new edition. She is such a happy & cute girl! We had alot of fun with her:

Uncle Luke & Emma: Luke worked on getting some baby experience. He even changed a diaper for Emma. In this picture he's comforting Leah's (a friend) little girl, Kendra. It worked, because she quit crying!
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby & finishing up the preparations in the nursery. We are taking a childbirth class this weekend which will hopefully not freak us out & just make us more prepared for what is to come. Some days I wish I would just have the baby & other days I feel like it can just stay in there awhile longer. Everyone keeps telling me that it's much easier to take care of while its still inside... We will just keep waiting and whenever Baby Miller is ready, it will be here!

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