Sunday, May 30, 2010

38 Weeks & Other Happenings

With 12 more days to go until my due date, I am feeling pretty good and my pulled ligament is getting better. Friday was my last day of work and that was such a relief! I'm so glad I was able to make it that long and they had a really nice going away party for me. I'm SO thankful that I will be able to stay home with the baby for awhile after she is born. Although I'm sure there are lots of people out there that could take great care of her, I think it's really important that she spends these early days with her parents & family, where she will be the #1 priority! The car seat is installed in the Explorer and the hospital bag is I guess we're as ready for her arrival as we can be!
In other news, Luke has been working really hard on the garden & it is now planted!! Although we are late this year, it looks great and I can't wait for things to start sprouting. Luke bought pepper & tomato plants on Friday and I think he got a little out of control! Look at this huge row of tomato plants:

Now for some peppers:

Luke has also had to take over the strawberry picking duties since I pulled my round ligament. He has done such a wonderful job though--we already have 5-6 gallons of strawberries in the freezer and there are much more to come:

I think I mentioned earlier, the cat had kittens in the chicken coop. Yeah, that wasn't the best idea...we tried to move them but she just keeps bringing them back. It's kind of funny to see one nesting box with eggs in it and the next one has kittens in it--what a deal:

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We've had gorgeous weather in Missouri--hot but not too humid and even a nice breeze.

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