Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

As the due date gets closer and closer and closer we continue to be very busy on the weekends trying to get everything prepped for the baby's arrival while still just keeping up with the typical stuff around here. I'm now at 37 weeks:
My main goal for the weekend was to get the baby's dresser & changing table painted. A girl that I work with gave me a free changing table and we decided to use Luke's old dresser for the baby. Both needed a little paint job and I've been waiting until we had a weekend without rain so that I could paint outdoors and not have to worry about fumes or anything. Well, I would not recommend painting at 37 weeks pregnant, but I did get it done & they look SO much better. I wish I would of taken some "before" pictures, but I will post some later of the final result.
Something else that has really been bothering me is that my strawberries are producing like crazy (and they're so delicious) but it's really hard to pick strawberries at 37 weeks. If you don't pick them daily something either eats them or they it's kind of a daily task. After painting all morning I took a break and picked strawberries Saturday afternoon. These babies are now in our freezer until I have a little more time to do something with them:

Although I did get alot done Saturday I paid for it that night and today. I think I might of pulled a muscle because every time I move my left leg I have horrible shooting pains in my belly. This includes every time I try to walk, turn, get dressed, get out of bed, pretty much every movement hurts and hurts bad. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning so I'll have to see what they say.
Other than that, the only news I have is that Luke sold his old horse trailer today. A family from Nebraska saw it on Craig's List and drove on over and bought it! Although we had to meet them and there was some confusion as to where we were supposed to meet them, it all worked out and Luke actually sold the trailer for more than he paid for it. Success.
Oh--and Bella--my cow finally calved, the cat had kittens (in the chicken coop of all places), now it's my turn to have a baby!

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