Monday, December 22, 2008


First of all--it's really freaking cold!! Yesterday the wind chills were -30 and believe me that is frigid. Today it is -6 but should get up into the teens this afternoon. We still have all the ice and snow from last week since it hasn't been warm enough to melt anything.

Grandpa got to go home from the hospital on Friday. He spent 20 days there and I'm sure he was ready to get the heck out!

Mama Kitty is ready to POP! I'm hoping that we are going to have Christmas kittens. I've been feeling really sorry for her with her huge belly, trying to walk around on the ice. I don't think I've ever seen a pregnant cat before so I'm not sure how far along she is--I cant imagine her getting any bigger though!!

Saturday night we went to a movie with some friends. We went to the theater in Memphis and it only costs $2 per person and all concessions are only $0.75! Can you believe it--Luke and I went to the movie and each had popcorn and pops for a total of $7. I was amazed at the great deal!! And...Bolt is a really cute movie :)

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