Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Luke & I got our Christmas tree put up this week. I think it's one of the prettiest trees that I have ever seen. When I lived in Montana we were always able to just go out to the ranch and pick from millions of trees. Since I've lived in Missouri, Luke & I have always cut down a cedar tree from a ditch or fence row and made due with that. This year was my first trip to a tree farm. We drove way out into the boonies--several miles of gravel past our house (which if you've been to our house it's several miles on gravel) and ended up at this neat tree farm. We could pick any tree for $15 so I thought that was a great deal. Ours just barely touched the ceiling in our living room so we did have to trim off some room for the star. It's a really full, pretty tree though.

Here's Luke setting it up. All decorated and pretty (for the second time-since it already has fallen down twice!):
I think we finally have it in the stand straight and level and now we are hoping that it wont tip over anymore!

Merry Christmas!

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