Friday, September 5, 2008

Ferocious Barn Kitties

Meet the cats. None of them are really "ours", but I think we have adopted them whether we like it or not since the family that previously lived here left them behind.

Papa Kitty: the father of them all and the obvious leader of the pack. He is constantly fighting with something...we're not sure what though, but he always has battle wounds.

Mama Kitty: the mother of them all, the only female. She keeps them in line and doesn't put up with any crap. She is more elusive and only comes around occassionally.

Jack: young, playful male. Papa Kitty is his mentor and he will take over as leader when Papa Kitty meets his match. Jack is pretty much the favorite. He and Kelly have become really good friends and often tease/chase each other.

The kittens: extremely wild and rarely seen. They keep their distance and are very flighty. The braver of the two plays with Jack when he thinks we aren't watching. I've named him Jack Jr. or JJ for short.
We have quite the pack of yellow kitties.

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Cathy said...

How fun! I want a little orange kitty to live with Gus. Gus has quite the attitude these days. He has to be the fattest, moodiest, whinest cat. But, he's also got his good characteristics.