Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meet Kelly Jo

For those of you who are fond of Kelly Jo or who haven't been properly introduced, this post is all about my wonderful child. Just kidding! She's a puppy, but seems like my kid! She keeps us very entertained and ever since I have started working from home we have really become best buds. Kelly REALLY loves the fact that we have moved out of my tiny in-town apartment and out into the country. Her roles and responsibilities have really expanded as she is now the ranch watchdog, cattle herder, cat gatherer, chicken protector, frog chaser and most importantly head of entertainment here. Here are some of the crazy things she does that you just can't help but laugh about.

This is a pile of limestone that we had delivered the other day to fill in some areas that have been washed away by the rain. Kelly enjoyed the new "toy".

Many of you may recognize this as a trash can Kelly it is an enormous frisbee! She's quite ambitious.

When the day is done, just like any child, she likes to be read a bedtime story :)

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