Friday, June 27, 2008


Thunderstorms in Missouri are MUCH worse than thunderstorms in Montana! This summer especially, it seems like it storms almost every day. Here is a picture of the sky (looking from our backyard to the West) a few nights ago. Wednseday night it rained 4 1/4 inches, Thursday night it rained 3/4 inch and then in the day it rained about another 3/4 inch. That's alot of rain! Rivers, streams, creeks are all over their banks and flowing wherever they can.

Yesterday, Luke, our boss and I were trying to go visit a feed mill in Clark, Missouri when we ran into several detours. Here is the first: Hwy 11 just west of Baring. We were driving the Saturn and I refused to chance it--there was water over the highway!

Here is another water crossing that we actually did cross (against my pleading not to). This is in Shelby County where they got over 10 inches of rain overnight. Does this look safe to drive through?? I think not!

Anyone that is experiencing dry weather, I wish we could share!

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