Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Remembering Skippy

So, this is the only digital picture of Skippy that I have. It will have to do even though it doesn't do him justice.

Skip Brick Sioux (Skippy) was the prettiest palomino color you could ever image. He was born and raised at the Penn State horse farm where they were doing research on line breeding. Therefore, Skippy is a very line-bred Skipper W horse and exhibited the best conformation of any horse we had seen. Through the years, Skippy was purchased by a friend of Mom's and ended up in Montana. This was about the same time that Matt & I were both really into showing horses and were "sharing" Sara. We desperately needed another show horse and Skippy was the answer to our prayers. Skippy was Matt's horse and took him to numerous victories in show rings all across the state. I also had the opportunity to show Skippy a few times. He was the one and only horse that Matt & I both got along with in the show ring and he worked as consistent and successful for the both of us. However, poor Skippy had his share of lameness issues and was retired when Matt purchased J.R. Since then, Skippy and Doc have been the best of friends and have enjoyed many days relaxing under a shade tree.

Skippy was possibly best known for being great at escaping. If there was a gate left open for only an instant, Skippy was half way down the road before you were able to shut it. He even escaped while tied to the horse trailer at a show one time. The annoucer called over the loud speaker that Skippy was on the loose, checking out the sights on his own, to our suprise.

Overall, Skippy was a great addition to our family. He was a horse that we all trusted and all enjoyed riding. He was a champion, he was gorgeous and he will greatly be missed. Sunday was Skippy's last day on Earth and we hope he is now enjoying horse heaven.

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