Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Although it was our year to spend Thanksgiving in Montana, we decided to stay in Missouri. Among many things, like having a new baby on the way, the cows, all the traveling we did this summer, etc. it just seemed really overwhelming to think about traveling for the holidays this year. So, instead of making the long haul to Montana we took a 2 hour drive to see Luke's family. We spent Thanksgiving day at Grandma Thelma's house and she cooked us quite the feast!
Molly with her Great Grandma Thelma & Grandma Debbie.
 I explained Thanksgiving to Molly, since I don't think she really understood it last year. I told her what I was most thankful for this year and then asked her what she was most thankful for. She never ceases to amaze me-she told me she is most thankful for cake and big daddy deer. Guess her Dad has made quite the impression with all his hunting this year and apparently she really loves cake!
Big hugs for Uncle Matt.
So thankful for little Miss Molly and all the joy she brings to our family!
 We hope everyone back in Montana had a great Thanksgiving. We we're sure thinking about you all and missing you.

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