Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We (as in I) wasn't feeling too creative when it came to Halloween this year, so we came up with a couple of easy costume options and let Molly decide. My Mom sent us a devil costume that belonged to my brother at one time and Molly eventually tried it on, calling it a dragon. That didn't last long and she wanted nothing more to do with it.
Dragon, devil, whatever.

We figured she could pull off the cowgirl look just by going through her closet, so that's what we tried next. She agreed to it but refused to wear the hat or carry the stick horse once we started trick or treating.

I bribed her with juice so I could get just one picture!
So, off we went trick or treating and Molly was very excited and determined to get candy in her bucket. We started at the "Safe Stop" where local businesses set up tables in the community building. Molly was really shy at first and pretty intimidated. After this stop we headed to the nursing home and this is where she really figured out how to trick or treat. By the time we left she would walk up to just about anyone and hold out her bucket and then wave goodbye. Not much was said, but she got the goods. We ended the night with a bucket full of candy-among other various treats and had a fun time!!

Coaching Molly through the Safe Stop.

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