Thursday, October 29, 2009


Once again, it's been a long time since I updated my blog. I've just been tired so much lately that I haven't done much of anything...especially on here.

First of all, congratulations must go out to Luke's brother Matt & his girlfriend, Emily, who got engaged last week! We are so excited for them and to have a new sister-in-law! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!

Matt & Emily walking back from the Pumpkin Festival a couple weeks ago.

Also last week, Luke turned 28. All he wanted to do for his birthday was to go bowhunting and eat chili. Unfortunately, he had to travel for work all day and wasn't able to go hunting. I wasn't up for making dinner, so he had to settle for pizza...but I did get him an icecream cake! I think he had a good birthday anyways though!

Birthday lovins' from Kelly Jo

This past weekend we stayed home. Luke worked on the corral with help from his friends Kyle & AJ (which turned into a spontaneous "guys night" in the barn) since both of their wives were our of town. The corral is almost done! Kelly hurt her paw though. She sliced one of the pads on her left front foot and its still really sore. We've been wrapping it and trying to keep it clean but she is still limping pretty bad. Poor girl.

Today it rained so much and there was so much flooding that I got to leave work early (to make sure I could actually get home). Then I got a flat tire about 1 mile from our house. Luckily Luke & Steve were here and helped me put the "donut" on so I could get home & out of the rain. I guess we'll see if I make it to work tommorrow or not...

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