Wednesday, October 7, 2009

After Numerous Complaints...

I'm finally updating my blog! Since I started my new job I hardly have time for anything...let alone updating my blog, but I do apologize. We've been doing good, just really busy. Hope this makes up for it!
Here are some pictures from my August trip to visit my family in Montana.
Hiking to Birch Lake with Matty:

We saw lots and lots of goats once we got up the lake. They were really tame too and we got really close. The little baby goats were SO cute!

I got to spend several days riding at the ranch. My Grandpa has a new horse named Cricket that I got to try out for him. I really liked her! The cows were everywhere...but where they were supposed to be, so we had our work cut out for us.

We finally found some cows!

Matt & I also hiked to the falls by the ranch. It's always a gorgeous trip:

My good ole' Doc is still hanging in there. Age has been kind of hard on him this last year, but it was so good to see him and know that he is doing well.

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