Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kelly's Discovery

Yesterday morning I bundled up in my eight layers to venture outside and feed the chickens. The wind chill was said to be -25. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was darn cold! Kelly & I walked into the machine shed and Kelly runs, climbs to the top of the haystack and stares at a haybale. Thinking this was pretty unusual I thought I better check it out.

When I got closer I could hear a faint meow coming from the haystack. I started moving bales until I saw a little yellow kitten face staring up at me. Kelly had found Mama Kitty's kittens! I knew that she had the kittens on the Saturday after Christmas, but had never been able to find them. Mama Kitty wasn't around, so I covered them back up and left them alone for the day.

That evening I once again bundled up in my eight layers and headed outside to do chores. This time Mama Kitty was around and I let her inside (in our laundry room) like I did when she was pregnant. Then I went back and uncovered the kittens to see how they were doing. I pulled 2 kittens out that were just fine. The next two felt like icicles.

I hurried to the house and fixed up a box with an old towel and went back out to get the kittens. Mama Kitty laid down with them and the two started nursing right away. The two cold kittens didn't nurse and I wasn't sure they were going to make it. They're the 2 on the outside in this picture:

I'm happy to say though, this morning Mama Kitty and her 4 kittens are all doing well. They are so cute! They are exactly 3 weeks old today. Kelly is very curious about them but doesn't seem like she wants to hurt them, she just wants to check them out...we are watching her closely though.

This picture is from this morning. All the kittens are very active and healthy today:
They are already starting to wrestle and play with each other:Bright eyes:

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