Monday, January 12, 2009

Dairy Conference

Last Thursday was the Northeast Missouri Dairy Management Conference. This year was the 8th Annual Meeting. The event is hosted by one of the owners of the company that I work for, so lots of the planning and behind the scenes work was on my shoulders over the holidays. I was really happy to have the meeting over with and was thrilled with the attendance. We had 19 sponsors and 80 attendees this year. This was about double from last year. We had three great speakers come in to speak about reproduction, forage selection & raising calves. There was also a great lunch and a trade show of the sponsors.
Here, Dave Taysom of Dairyland Labs was speaking on forage digestibility:In addition to the planning, I was also in charge of creating our booth and a booth for our animal health store:

This meeting was just the start of the upcoming Dairy Conferences. We will be in Lake of the Ozarks, Lebanon & Concordia in the next two months for trade shows.

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