Friday, October 3, 2008

Missin' Out

One of the hardest things for me to face, living 1700 miles from my hometown, is missing out. My friends and I are at the stage in our lives where we make so many life-changing decisions which makes it even harder to be so far away. I hate missing weddings, births, holidays and just everyday camaraderie that we take for granted when our friends and family are accessible. Here is my latest example:

My good friend Joylynn got married last Saturday to a man that I have never even met. I had planned on going to the wedding, but with plane ticket prices soaring combined with the fact that I work for work-aholics (who don’t understand why vacation days are so necessary) I decided to wait and see if I could get a United E-Fare ticket. These babies are awesome. They come out every Wednesday and are good for travel either that weekend or the next. Instead of costing me over $500 to fly home, it’s about $250. This makes a huge difference. The catch is, you never know where the E-fares will be available for until the last minute. Where I live, the nearest airport is 3 hours away. But, the good thing is that there are 4 airports within about 3 hours so I do have some options.

Okay, back to the story. I looked 2 weeks in advance for an E-fare and there was nothing. Then I checked the week of the wedding and I could fly to Helena for $250 (whooohoo!). But, once I got to looking at it, the flight didn’t get in until 1PM the day of the wedding and with Helena being about a 3 hour drive from where the wedding was, and with the wedding being at 3:30PM, there was no possible way I could make it. How disappointing. Once again, I was missing out. I’m so sorry Joylynn. I heard your wedding was gorgeous and I wish that I could have made it, that I lived closer and that plane tickets weren’t such a rip off!

However, I didn’t miss out on the awesome camping trip with my husband. That's just it. If I was there, then I would be missing out here in Missouri. Luke has shown me an amazing life here in Missouri I just wish so much that it was closer to least close enough to drive there in 1 day.

Here is a photo of Joylynn and her new husband on their wedding day courtesy of LM:

Looks like it was a gorgeous day! Congratulations Joylynn!!

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Cathy said...

I completely understand where you're coming from. I have to make decisions like whether to my sister's graduation or Christmas when I would really like to be at both. It stinks. Plane tickets are so expensive now. I think we're going to drive to Oklahoma for Christmas. If I don't find anything better, then that will become our new plan. Lots of quality time in the car. We might even take the cat along.