Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Camping Trip

Luke & Kelly & I went camping this past weekend at Long Branch State Park. It was beautiful weather and a beautiful setting and we had a great time. Here is the view of the lake from our campsite:
We tried our luck at about eight different fishing spots but did not have a single bite. It was really frustrating because there were huge fish jumping right from the same spots we were casting but they just wouldn't bite!

I must admit, this was my first time camping in a tent in an actual campground. Believe me, this isn't my first time tent camping, it just seems that it's usually somewhere out on the ranch, up Hyalite Canyon, or even at the Miles City Fairgrounds. Camping in Montana is just not quite as organized as it is around here. The only time that I had stayed in an actual campground was during our honeymoon when we had the RV (but that's kind of luxury camping!). We got this awesome tent as a wedding present:

Oh, and that's my manly husband chopping wood in front of the tent. Meanwhile, I was roasting marshmallows!

Kelly had a great time and she was a pretty good dog. She did take off chasing squirrels a couple times, which I don't think is allowed in the campground, but it was just too tempting. Camping was kind of more like going to town for Kelly since she had to be on a leash, but it's good for her to get out of the country sometimes. Here she is checking out a turtle Luke found:

Overall, it was a really good trip and we all had fun. We were REALLY tired when we got home though!


Cathy said...

Didn't we get you then tent? I can't remember exactly. Anyway, regardless, it looks like you had a great time!

Jamie said...

Yeah, you did! We love it. It's really easy to set up and is tall enough to stand up in. We used it at the State Fair too