Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just kind of a regular day for us. No dressing up :( No trick-or-treaters (well at least we are not expecting any because they would have to travel several miles on a gravel road to get to our house), and our pumpkins already rotted and were used for target practice. Oh well. I think we will get some candy though...even if we have to eat it all ourselves!

We've had three new calves this week, meaning that we only have three more fall calving cows to calve. Luke decided to ride Bullet last night. Everything was going really well until some calves came running up to the side of the arena. Bullet spooked, then stopped, then started bucking and continued to buck harder and harder until he got rid of Luke. Then he took a lap around the arena as fast as he could. Then Luke got back on and they were fine again.

I took some pictures yesterday. The leaves are really pretty and it's been blue sky and nice weather the past few days!

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