Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trisha Got Married!

July 19, 2008

My little cousin, Trisha got married to Ryan. I hadn't met Ryan before (since I live in Missouri and all) but had heard lots of good things about him. Once I got the chance to meet him, I could just tell that he totally loves Trisha--and that's all that I needed to know.

The wedding was gorgeous. It was an absolutely perfect day. The ceremony was held in an area that they cut out of a wheat field which was right along the Flathead River. This is where Trisha's parents live---its soooooo pretty!!

I was really excited to be a bridesmaid because I have never been one before! As my brother says of me "always a bride, never a bridesmaid". Gee thanks...and for the record I've only been a bride once (and plan to keep it that way). Anyhow, he can't say that anymore.

One of my favorite things about going to weddings is seeing people really "cut-loose" at the reception. There is always at least one, typically older person that is really shakin' it with the rest of the young crowd. At this wedding, there were several cases of this happening. One was Trisha's Uncle Pat. He's the one with the hat backwards, in the background, dancing all crazy with Trish. One of the groomsmen (front & center with headband) looks like he was also gettin' down.

By the way.....who's this guy?

Congratulations Trisha & Ryan! I hope you are having a fabulous time in Fiji. Oh---and Happy Birthday Trisha!!

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