Friday, July 11, 2008

I Caught You a Delicious Bass

When we bought our house, one of the highlights of the place was that it has 2 ponds. One is kind of muddy and has lots of frogs, the other is really blue & pretty and supposedly was stocked with fish.

We first tried the nice pond out in March and were slightly disappointed with the only catch of the day:

Although I do look rather excited in the photo. Since then, we have tried, without success, to catch fish from this pond. We rarely even get a bite, but you can see lots of little fish swimming along by the shore. Surely there has to be some bigger fish in there to have all of the little fish.

Here is a picture of what the pond looks like this summer:

A couple nights ago, we decided to give it one more shot and headed out fishing on a nice evening. Luke started using a new type of rubber worm and before long had caught 2 nice sized bass. The second one he caught was huge!!

Once I switched over to using the same type of worm I also caught 2 nice sized bass!

We are now much more satisfied with our pond situation and really had a fun fishing experience!

Luke caught the closest 2 fish and I caught the other two. Mine just look smaller because they're further away, right?

One of the highlights of the night was when I got my lure stuck in some cattails. I pulled and pulled and finally got the line loose but the worm had fallen off into the cattails. Before I could get my line reeled all the way back in and head to the pickup to get a new worm, Kelly swam out into the cattails and the next thing I knew she had a plastic black and yellow worm in her mouth and brought it to shore!! Can you believe that! I was in shock...I swear she is such a smart dog!

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Cathy said...

Chad and I knew she was a genious aftershe caught the bird!