Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Used To Like Rain

I used to like rain. It would come in the evenings after a long, hot, dry day and cool everything off. It was refreshing and kept what little grass we had alive.

Now that I live in Missouri, I associate rain with humidity and sweat and mud.

After some research, I discovered this is not your average Missouri year of rain, either. We have already, in the month of July, received over 16 inches of rain. The year to date is over 40". To put this in perspective, the average July rainfall is 4" and the yearly is around 40". To put this in even more perspective, the average rainfall for where I'm from in Montana is about 12-16" (A YEAR!) And there is generally NO rain in July.

After receiving 16" of rain in July our yard is swampy. The pastures are mud, as well as the garden....but the grass is still green. I'm thinking about getting ducks to live in the basement. There's more frogs in the yard than anything else. Kelly is training to become a fish:

Like I said: I used to like rain, but it could stop anytime now!

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Cathy said...

It sounds like you've got Florida weather! It seems to rain a lot here in July. We have a strong chance of rain about every day which really makes the grass grow. Although, it makes it very difficult to cut. Hopefully, it will dry up for you soon!