Sunday, October 6, 2013

Double Take

Back when Molly was 4 months old, I took this photo of her and it has been one of my favorites! When Wes was 4 months old, I made an attempt to try to create the same picture with him.
Molly-4 months
There was one problem with my plan. It turns out Wessie was too big for the box so he was very unhappy and uncooperative! Here is the one shot I got of him before he totally lost it. Geez...what a chunk compared to Molly!
Wessie-4 months
The good news is Sister Baby fits just great and really wanted her picture taken with her big sister Molly. What a deal. Look how much Molly has changed in 3 years!

Molly & Sister Baby-ready to pose as always.

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