Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Corn Maze

We had quite the fun afternoon at the Jackson Country Connection Corn Maze in LaPlata a couple weekends ago. I think Molly would of stayed there for days and been happy. She especially loved the giant slide and bouncy house. The actual corn maze was just kind of a sideline deal for her. I thought she might be a little afraid to go down this slide all by herself, but she didn't hesitate.

Wessie just kind of had to look around from the stroller. There wasn't too much that he could participate in yet, but he had fun too. He posed for some pictures and enjoyed playing in the hay. Molly also loved the hay bale animals. There was a giant caterpillar (below), spider & pig.

We also made a stop at the pumpkin patch on the way home so we could pick our pumpkins out of the field. It's so much more fun than getting them at the grocery store!

Molly, of course, picked the "Big Daddy Pumpkin" for her own. Wes slept in the car for this stop, but we picked him out a good one too--just not quite so big.

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