Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tennessee Part II

There were lots of hiking trails in the Big South Fork Recreation Area, but the one we decided to go on was to the Charit Creek Lodge. The trail was 0.8 miles, all downhill on the way there and all uphill on the way back. It was a really neat trail with lots of big rock cliffs, trees growing right out of the rocks and even a swinging bridge over Charit Creek.

Crossing the swinging bridge.
The lodge was really neat-and really old. You can hike or horseback ride into it and either camp or stay in a cabin there. The main house was built by one of the Hatfields that had moved there to avoid the Hatfield/McCoy rivalry.

Charit Creek Lodge
Luke & Matt checking out the place.
Gravestone of William Hatfield-the original owner of the place.
After touring around the lodge area & grabbing a drink, we started the hike back to the car. It was really hot by this time in the day and like I said, it was all uphill on the way back. Good thing it was such a short trail or we may not have made it!

Debbie was quite the hiker & beat all the "kids" back up the hill.
After leaving the trailhead, Matt spotted a black bear in the road up ahead of us and we caught up to it (in the car) and got a good look at it before it headed into the woods. We had heard that they were around but hadn't seen one until then. Glad we were in the car & not hiking at the time!

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