Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tennessee Part 1

After we had been home from Montana for a few days and had a birthday party for Molly (oh, and did I mention my Mom came back with us too), it was off for another vacation. This time to Tennessee. With Tennessee being a central location for all of Luke's family, we met at the Bandy Creek Campground in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area!

We had two campsites reserved at the end of the campground & it worked really well. One spot we used for all the tents and the other spot we set up the campfire, picnic tables & all the food.

Our tent site.
It was a really nice campground and even had a playground and pool-good times for Molly & Emma!

Molly copy-catting her older cousin Emma at the playground.

Luke & Molly in the pool.

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