Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Night Out

Last week Luke was traveling for work all week long. One night he was going to be staying just over an hour away from home, so he invited Molly & I to come stay the night with him. We were needing to get out of the house and thought it sounded fun-so we did. He took us to dinner and then we got to swim in the pool. Molly has not been to a hotel since last July at Matt & Emily's wedding and hadn't been in a big swimming pool since even before that, so it was quite the experience. We were so excited to take her to the pool but it ended up to be a pretty stressful experience. She has no fear & she runs like crazy, so that combined with a pool deeper than her head, was not the best situation. It was tough to keep a hold of her and she was SO wound up!

Running in the pool-thank goodness Daddy was close by.
Modeling her new swimsuit from Old Navy.
The ruffles on the butt are the best part-it goes well with her curls on the back of her head.

 She had so much fun that you can imagine what it was like to get her to leave the pool--not fun for anyone! Then when we got to the room, she wanted to run in the hall so bad that she just cried at the door the entire time until we finally got her put to bed. What a deal. It was great to see Luke-we were really missing him-but I'm not sure we'll do it again real soon (and he may not invite us to-ha!).

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