Saturday, March 3, 2012

The 2012 calving season has begun and although we don't have any heifers to calve this year, it is still keeping Molly & I a little busier. We like to go out and check the cows first thing in the morning (while the ground is still frozen) and also feed the horses.We had one cow calve on a cold morning and she claimed the wrong calf, leaving her's shivering by it's lonesome. It took a couple days in the barn but Luke finally got them paired up & the cow is now very fond of her calf.

#8020, after she decided she liked her own calf instead of another.

Molly has grown very fond of feeding Cody (Luke's horse) and saying "Hi" to him. She is quite the little helper. She also enjoys chasing the cats-so she's pretty busy while I'm doing chores-ha!
Molly & Cody

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